Digital Recruitment

The age of digital recruitment has arrived and AscendysHR Digital Recruiting is at the heart of this fast-paced, interactive landscape. Empower and invigorate your recruitment practices like you never thought possible.


Recruitment Process

AscendysHR Digital Recruitment will add value at every stage of the recruitment process and is convenient, easy to use and enjoyable. Our platform is designed to streamline processes, reduce the cost per hire and improve efficiency and ROI. Each software module will integrate seamlessly with your current systems and we will customise your dashboard and all templates to maintain a consistent brand experience.


Partner Community

The force is strong with you. Let’s do this together. Let’s join forces to embrace digital recruiting. AscendysHR Digital Recruitment offers a variety of options for companies who want to team up with us. Whether you'd like to become an integration partner, API partner, referral partner, or have other ideas of how we could work together, we’d love to hear from you.


Coming Soon...

AscendysHR is moving into new areas designed to help HR Departments beyond the hiring process. We will continue to explore ways we can streamline processes, improve efficiency and ROI. AscendysHR Digital Recruitment doesn’t just acquire it is also designed to retain and some of our new initiatives are already in beta testing these include: New Talent Induction, Performance Management, Appraisal, Grievances & Disciplinary, Retention Training & Development, Time & Attendance and Payroll. Our new modules will be available in 2016.


Our Talent Acquisition Platform is divided into a number of modules.

  • ATS

    AscendysHR Digital Recruitment is the recruitment tool of choice for organisations who achieve success through attracting and retaining talented and motivated people.

    We have an enviable reputation within the industry and are here to provide expertise and value to both candidates and clients at every stage of the recruitment process.

    AscendysHR Digital Recruitment provides the only tool you need to hire great individuals. Our platform utiilises everything that modern technology has to offer by radically changing the way you search, select and interact with your candidates and employees. AscendysHR Digital Recruitment saves you time, money, admin and stress and allows you to offer a personal, authentic interview experience. AscendysHR Digital Recruitment is better for the environment too which is a nice bonus.

  • Digital Assessment

    Turbocharge your assessment centre! The coordination, planning and management of an assessment centre is now simple, streamlined, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

    Our Digital Assessment solution allows your assessment centre coordinators to gain a deeper insight into personalities, abilities and talents whilst providing a platform for skills validation exercises. Your assessors will be able to make a more informed decision and find the best people for your company. AscendysHR Digital Assessment significantly increases your candidate (and employee) value proposition. Your entire assessment is streamlined, engaged, and professional.

  • Video Interviewing

    We understand what it takes to hire great talent and we know that nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation, but we also believe that modern technology has radically changed the way a first-time meeting should happen. That’s why we created virtual interviewing solutions that save time and money but still maintain a personal, authentic interview experience.

    We give individuals a way to portray themselves, an opportunity to tell their stories, expressing their personalities. Recruiters get to know their candidates very early on. New hires can meet their new colleagues before their start date. Existing employees can share knowledge and experiences.

    We combine the best of both worlds, supporting human interaction through a digitally enhanced connected platform.

  • Psychometric Testing and Evaluation

    Use AscendysHR Digital Recruitment for Psychometric Testing & Evaluation. We design and deliver innovative online psychometric assessments to help organisations make better, more informed decisions about their people.

    We have a portfolio of assessments, which deliver valuable insight into the skills and behaviours, abilities and motivation of your existing and future employees.

  • Pre-Employment Checks

    AscendysHR Digital Recruitment provides a comprehensive employee identity checking service. Mistakenly employing inappropriate people is costly and our service will support companies undertaking pre-employment checks, providing appropriate information so you can make intelligent hiring decisions. Our state-of-the-art dashboard offers links and interfaces to reduce the risk to your organisation identifying unsuitable candidates. Our easy to use, fast and accurate service incudes, identity check, bank account verification and validation, basic criminal check, PEP & Sanctions & Enforcements check and document image validation check which can support your right to work process.

  • Security

    AscendysHR is very security conscious and all data is encrypted during transit and at rest. Our platform includes media storage and data and compliance tools and is designed to meet and exceed the security requirements of our clients.

  • And More

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